How does people deal with updating UIs?

So far, for my plugin I have been using the builtin methods to create dom elements. Basically Setting and its different helpers.
However, now I will be dealing with lists of elements where the user will be able to add or remove elements and the UI should reflect this. What is the most “native” aka dependency way of doing this? Does the html helpers provide any convenience for this? Or should I just be keeping references and manually remove dom nodes and stuff?
Or do,plugin authors just rely in any UI library (react, svelte, solid) and continue with their lives?

I’m new to JavaScript so I’m not sure this is the best way to go, but in my plugin, I’m re-opening the modal when the “Copy” button is pressed.

It looks like Templater does the same thing when the “+” button is pressed in the folder template setting, except is replaced by this.display because here we are using PluginSettingTab rather than Modal.

Yep, that is what I ended doning for simple UIS. After all, the settings is going to be just a couple of elements, so it is not that slow to render anyway.

Thanks for sharing your findings

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Update: now I’m calling this function instead of display: