How does Obsidian help you?

Without Obsidian I took notes as checklists. I used a texteditor which I have a key assigned to on my keyboard, so it is immediately there.
Then I remove each line that I accomplished.
Other times I collect all of my ideas for a topic and put them in a mindmap, order them and then I do something with them, like writing a structured letter or creating a product.
I can do none of that with obsidian as efficiently.
O. is a convoluted collection of text files. Clicking on one link makes me forget the context it was in. Then it’s like mindless browsing without a goal on the web, aka procrastination.
Why do you take notes and do you take notes for a specific topic?

I also collect ideas for a topic and later on I do something with them. I use obsidian because of the many little handy features it offers.

Why don’t you use mindmaps for that?

In my case, I was looking for a markdown editor that supports LaTeX and was crossplatform for Android and Windows. Besides that I really like that the internal links are dynamic. If you change the name of a note, the links will be updated automatically. Not a lot markdown editors have this feature.

Why do you use a (markdown) editor instead of a mindmap?
You say compatibility, so you don’t care whether it’s a good or even working solution, all that matters for you is that it works on both android and windows?

I get the impression that everyone is avoiding the question here, is that just me who has this impression?

You seem to prefer mindmaps. Nothing wrong with mindmaps! They’re a great tool too.

¯\( ツ )

That is an assumption you are making.

It is a question. Is it accurate?

The original question was: Share how obsidian helped you. Yet you keep talking about ‘mentality’ and things you personally do not like. That’s not all that effective, is it now?

That’s a pretty broad (and baseless) generalization. I’m sure you can find a community like that somewhere. Participation is optional…