How does Obsidian deal with orphan attachments?

What happens when you delete a note that had PDF/Images? Will it also delete the associated PDF/Images from your designated “attachments folder”?

It will just delete the note.

Hmmm. This is kinda strange. Shouldn’t the ideal/expected behavior such that it deletes the orphan attachments?

No, what if what if the attached is important on its own or related to other notes. You can use the graph and I believe there are some plugins to find orphan\unlinked files in your vault.

Got it. Thanks a lot.

I guess it depends on workflow. I’d like the option. If obsidian can check for link changes on file rename it should be a simple matter to know if the attachment is linked to more than one file (don’t delete), or not (delete). I have a similar issue with an archiving workflow - a lot of my notes are work related, contain screenshots. When the project is done and I delete or archive the note I’d love the option to clean the clutter out of the attachments folder either by deleting the attachments, or moving them to a nested Attachments folder in the archive.