How does a holon relate to the field of ontology engineering / an ontology?

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I’m curious if any of you KM geniuses might understand this better than me…

I fell into a Wikipedia rabbit hole and came to the holon entry.

My intuition certainly is inclined to associate the holon notion with the concept of an ontology.

Would it be wrong to say that an ontology is a complete set of holons at a particular scope/granularity? (that scope being to the most first principle in nature in this case since ontologies are supposed to serve as foundational knowledge base elements (to my understanding)).

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What a rabbit hole. I hate you for linking that. I had to make more notes!

I think you can describe each node in an ontology as a holon and the ontology at any given moment as another holon. However you focus on time is interesting as every ontology is in a constant state if flux, so it’s a different holon at different points in time.

I guess all holons would be? Or could be?