How do you use UIDs?

That’s a good solution. I keep meaning to think about what YAML could do for me.

One thing I like about Obsidian and the community here is that it is much less dogmatic. Experimentation and exploration is celebrated, and is rarely met with a condescending response about why what you’ve chosen to do is “wrong”.


I’m not so concerned with what others think is “right” or “wrong” as I’m concerned with changing a information structure that has served me well for the last couple of years and as I want to keep that way for many years to come. That makes me hesitant to change fundamental aspects of how I work – and this is really one of them. :slight_smile:

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Yep. I totally get it!

Hello. I’ve discovered Obsidian for these days and I have the same doubt.

Some issues i had.

Using identifiers will disturb the graph view that for me it’s very important. You will have a great amount of numbers linked, not concepts connecting with each other.

Other problem i see, for example, when i’m writing about pizza then i think: the pizza taste would be better if i use natural fermentation. I want to link this pizza note with natural fermentation note. Using IDs, the code complete could help me only if I remember the number id of fermentation note. Let’s see it’s 2020209… or it was last month 202008… Intead, if i use the name natural… the code complete the name for me.

Has anyone experienced this kind of problem?

Good example! Was wandering exactly the same when I read this thread…
Suppose you’ll have to do a search for “fermentation”
Then the note will pop-up in the search result after which you can reference it in the pizza note.

Unless there are other/better ways to achieve this in Obsidian.

Auto completion also works when you have UID + Note Title, i.e. “202009081517 - Natural Fermentation”. As soon as you write [[natural… the note will show up in the auto completion.

Using UIDs only as titles really would make the whole benefit of auto completion obsolete.

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I kept the UIDs

I want to make sure the links will work even when I don’t use Obsidian anymore, other Zettelkasten based app may support migrating. In case with apps that don’t support wikilinks, those not-so-human-friendly-numbers is there to show me which note to reference to

The UIDs (time-based) also give me a glimpse of my note taking journey, there were moments like this when I browse the notes “Oh I took this note around the mid of June 2019” and recognize that my point of view have changed

And thanks to @argparse for a wonderful tip, this can be another reason for me to stick with the UIDs

Until now, I have made it a habit to put links like this [[UIDs Note title|Text I want to display for this specific context]]

  • I keep the title along with the UIDs since it will come in handy in search
  • The display text I choose will always be there even when I change the title (useful when this note have linked to a bunch of other notes, the new title may not fit with the context)
  • Supposed I want to switch to The Archive, just remove everything after the | and the links will work like normal

I think this is a major blow to the argument for using exclusively UIDs as titles. I want to use only UIDs so bad but it ruins the graph.

@Mike just stumbled across this post again and noticed I never gave you an update. I settled upon Time ID + Title (e.g. 202009141037 Unique Identifiers) but still am unsure if it is the best strategy. I wrote out my partial thoughts in a note. I will finish the note sequence on it when I feel inspired again.