How do you use search?

Let’s say I’m looking for a specific query like “The Impact of Diet on Facial Growth and Aesthetics”. But 147 results are not quite what I expect when I only need one.
If I use quotation marks, then I definitely need to write the entire word, which is very inconvenient.

Full compliance.

Incomplete match.

So how do you use search in these situations?

I am not quite sure what you are trying to achieve - in the case you described it seems like you are searching for a specific note, not a topic. In this case I wouldn’t use search but the quick switcher.

Different things for different situations. As with filters - adding queries until it matches.
In your example you can mix precise and not precise matching like this

"The Impact of Diet on Facial" Gro

Also, you can exclude words by adding - symbol before the word.

Or use two and more precise queries:

"The Impact" "Facial" "Growth"

Using regexp you can find more fancy things like dates in a concrete format.


Above is just an example, the problem remains if I search for a topic.

This is not an option, in other words, is it possible to make a search like in a browser, when a phrase is checked from the beginning and the results are shown with an incomplete match, as I described above?
Using regular expressions in regular searches is too inconvenient.
Didn’t you have a similar problem?

Do you use regular expressions to search any site, including this forum?

I use keywords. When I’m using a web browser and when I’m using the forum search functionality.
When I know the exact quote - I use quotation marks. In Obsidian and in Browser.

If I understand correctly - you don’t like the default search behavior which uses keywords. You want to use sentences to search.

So basically, it would be similar to the Regexp search request below.

/The Impact of Diet.+/

Where The Impact of Diet the search request.

I think there is a potential for the search functionality where it can show sentence matches first and then less precise keywords matches.

Yes, I find the standard behavior counterintuitive. The regexp suggested above seems to work, but it breaks the selection of the found.

A query like “/\bThe Impact of Diet/” works perfectly in English, but doesn’t work in Russian.

Quotes are a great tool, but I don’t understand why the word must match exactly. Since an incomplete match makes it possible not to write the word completely, since the search gives the results instantly.

Is there no analogue of “/\bThe Impact of Diet/”? Maybe you know.

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