How do you translate this trivial sql query into Dataview?

SELECT SUM(column_name)
FROM table_name
WHERE condition;

I think this is covered in the documentation of dataview. Have you looked at this examples? What have you tried already?

strangely enough, I could not find nothing

already tried :
sum( column_name)
where column_name

table without id
sum( column_name)
where column_name

in both case the result is identical as the command without the sum() function

The sum of a single line/value is the value of that line. In order for the sum() to work you need to group together some values, using a GROUP BY statement.

If you want to lump everything together you could use GROUP BY true, or else you find some other criteria to group your values togeyher in suitable chunks.

Thank you for your response, this is what i tried :

no error but no sum
BTW the column_name are inline metadata (e.g. : column_name :: value) in notes

Oopsie, I forgot to mention that when grouping the columns are saved within the rows array, so instead of sum(column_name), you need to do sum(rows.column_name)

thanks a lot,

Is there a way to have within the same query, the list and the total sum at the end ?

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