How do you sync your plugins and settings for many different vaults?

How do you solve this? Do you do hard- or soft-links on macOS? Or do you copy manually? Or a script that copies plugins from a master vault to the others?

What I’m trying to do

Different vaults with identical settings and plugins. There are a few plug-ins that should be configured separately for each vault, but the vast majority are actually the same for all of them.

Things I have tried

Initially, I had many vaults and copied all files manually. Then I tried to put everything into one vault. The problem was that there were too many files and everything fell asleep. Now I’m trying to split everything into several vaults again, but again the same issue occurs: my settings and my plugins should be the same in all memories.

I’m more into keeping them separate, as that allows me to make them visually (and functionally) different. However, for the CSS folder I’ve got symlinks between some of them, so that if I change a local CSS I can easily copy that file to the other.

Regarding more complicated setup of plugins, I’d rather use something like Free File Sync, to sync changes between the setups. This in combination with a proper diff tool to easily combine the needed stuff, whilst still having the possibility to keep minor changes if needed in each one.

This would work nicely within a small number of vaults, I think, but get unwieldy on a larger number of vaults. Not sure if there exists a good “multi folder sync tool” around, which could compare files across many sources in a good way.

I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t symlink the setup across vaults, since I think that sounds like waiting for something bad to happen related to caching or local stuff going global (like file paths or similar).


Maybe I should program something in python.

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