How do you save your journal files?

I used Obsidian for one month and used ‘Calendar’ and ‘Periodic Notes’ for journals. In Daily Notes settings, I set the Note Folder to ‘Journal/2022/December’. I can click any date to browse and there are two dots showing the content length.

For the new month, I changed Note Folder to ‘Journal/2023/January’. It seems all the information on the calendar is gone except the new 2023-1-1 note. If I put every journal in one folder, then it should work. Any other solutions?

The Note Folder is where Periodic Notes expects to find all of your daily notes, not just the current month’s.

Set your Note Folder to Journal and change the Format to include the other parts of the file path (for example, mine is YYYY/YYYY-MM-DD which puts the files in a folder named for the current year with a filename like 2022-12-31). The Format setting area has a link so you can look up what syntax to use for full month names (tho I recommend using numbers instead so they will sort in order).

Great, that solves the problem. Thanks.

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