How do you go from information sources like twitter, forums, reddit, news articles, blogs, etc to active knowledge?

I combine a lot of things in my PKM workflow.

  • In general, Evernote is the initial dumping ground of external information.
  • Various highlights from different sources are automatically synced to my Readwise for spaced-repetition.
  • Curated notes are put in Obsidian so they could be linked with other knowledge
  • Finally, I put things I want to be able to recall with little effort into Anki Flashcards (active recall + spaced repetition)

I also have a task management / project management workflow:

  • I use the PARA method in all of my apps to organize information into horizons of actionability
  • I use GTD for task management with Things
  • I use Notion for project management / dashboards

Starting from the bottom (raw information from the internet / books)

  • archives / references -> Evernote
  • miscellaneous snippets -> Evernote
  • paper books
    • -> GoodReads for bookmarks
    • -> Readwise for highlights/notes
  • digital books
    • -> MarginNotes for book specific mindmaps
    • -> Readwise for highlights/notes
  • online articles -> Instapaper (highlights/notes) -> Readwise (auto-synced)
  • podcasts -> Airr (Airr “quotes”) -> Readwise (auto-synced)

A lot of bookmarks aren’t immediately actionable information so I archive them in databases in Notion:

  • Online courses list
  • Tutorials list
  • Follow list (people, projects, and organizations)
  • Maps and lists (Websites that curate maps/lists to other resources)

For people, projects, and organizations that have an RSS feed, I subscribe to them on Reeder 5.

If I really like some information from these raw sources, I can write Evergreen notes / follow the Zettelkasten method and put them in Obsidian.

I made an infographic for my system for reference.

Hope this was helpful :slight_smile: