How do you get an overview of your Journal Entries?

I use Daily Notes for my journal entries. For the longest time I was using Dataview to create a table showing each day and the tags I used for that journal entry. I was using inline tags ie. “tags:: #journal #productivity” - something like this. This allowed me to quickly look at all my days and see what was discussed on that day.

Looks like with the recent Dataview updates the inline field entries within a sentence now have to be [tags:: #tag] so my table broke and now I have to go back to change everything if I wanted the table to work again. I’m also realizing when you use [tags:: #tag] that tag will no longer show up in a tag search which I don’t think will work for my needs. If I’m using tags I’d like Obsidian to still recognize those tags if I search for them.

So I’m stumped and part of me doesn’t want to use Dataview for this again in case something changes in the future and my organization breaks but I would really like a nice way to see an overview of each journal entry and things that were tagged in that entry.

This is what my dataview table looked like - no entries though since the new updates.

CleanShot 2022-02-15 at 17.25.20

I’ve experimented with a tag tree in Dataview which preserves the tag in Obsidian but doesn’t show journal entries in chronological order and won’t show other tags not related to, in this case, #journal or some form of that.

Does anyone have a good way they are visualizing an overview of their daily journal entries?

I don’t yet. I might just wait until DataView can query blocks.

As a rough workaround you could embed a search of your journal files for a space followed by a hash mark, like:

path:"22 Log/" " #"

The search result previews should focus on the tags.

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