How do you create workflows for processing incoming tags?

I have a lot of notes coming from various places tagged with action tags; for example, .i in readwise will get updated to #gtd/inbox for later processing. .n will be #gtd/next, and so on.

Now I have a lot of notes and lines tagged with #gtd/inbox, and I can query them with search, but I’m at a loss to find a good workflow that helps me easily process those.

The workflow I’m thinking of would let me easily edit the lines that are tagged with a certain set of these tags, and easily change those tags or remove those tags.

For example, I could add a query block to a note to find all my #gtd/inbox tags, and ideally I could edit the results inline (both the text that matched as well as the tag).

Even more ideal would be to show them all on a kanban-style board and I can drag them between a list of predefined columns, and it would update the tag on the note as I do so (for example, drag from #gtd/inbox to #gtd/waiting or #gtd/next)

I looked around for workflows that explain how people process their incoming notes and tags to make sure they follow up, but they all seem to end up with opening each note by hand and editing the tag by hand, which seems high friction.

What am I missing? Are there plugins that get closer to what I want? I see the kanban plugin, but it doesn’t work with existing notes, its primitive is a line in a custom note, so it adds extra steps. I don’t find a query plugin that supports inline editing of the results either.

I found managing tags to be high-friction too, so I use a slightly different approach to managing incoming notes.

Instead of using tags, I have an Inbox folder that all new notes come into. Processing each note is as easy as clicking each one in the file explorer. Then as I process each note, I either move it to a permanent folder or else just delete it. Both actions can be assigned to a hotkey, so either way it’s just a keystroke or two. No editing required.

Hope this helps!