How do I work with Obsidian on Mobile?

I often come back to this resource when I’m trying to find the “perfect” mobile editor. It’s specific to iOS but there are several cross-platform apps:


Hi, I’m trying to move my iA writer notes to Obsidian. I am quite new to Obsidian and I only see how to import notes from Roam. Do you know how I can do that?

If you open your iA Writer notes in Obsidian, most should work. Are there any particular formatting issues that are giving you trouble?

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You need to pick to a folder for Obsidian to store notes in that iA Writer can also see. Then just move all the notes from the iA Writer default folder to that shared folder.

I use iA Writer on Mac and iPad, so I had an iA Writer folder in iCloud. I made a new top level folder on iCloud for my Obsidian vault, and then added that folder as a location in iA Writer.

There are a bunch of different permutations possible here, but really all you need to do is get the files into a place that both apps can see.


Thank you! I manage to import them, but only notes in md will appear. My notes were in .txt

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Thank you! I did the same. I am saving my iA Writer notes in a folder in icloud. I created a new vault in Obsidian linking to that icloud folder. I also had to change how iA writer was saving files: from .txt to .md, otherwise Obsidian can’t see the files.


Ah, yes, iA Writer uses .txt as default for some reason. Most Markdown editors stick to .md, I think.

Your .txt files can be safely renamed to .md and they will work the same in iA Writer while being available to Obsidian, too. If you’re on a Mac, you can bulk rename from Finder by selecting the target files and going to File → Rename.


Great link. Thank you for sharing.

Wow. That’s a feast of analysis.

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@curtismchale Have you published that video?

I went with iA Writer and connected him on iOS and Ipad to my NAS folder which is directly connected with Obsidian vault. With that i can open through iA Writer directly library on NAS Drive and edit .md files i have there or add new. Cool thing that all changes are instantly ( or few sec later ) visible in OBS desktop and all changes i make on desktop are visible on files on iA Writer.

For quick addons from mobile i added folder “Quick notes” where i just add quick notes on the go from mobile.


Comes out on June 24th at this link


Thanks, @curtismchale, but that video link is private.

Yes it is, until it’s published on June 24th. I just figured you could put a note to yourself to watch it on that day if you wanted.

Ah, gotcha. Thanks, and will do!

I put up a quick walkthrough on how to get going with Obsidian on 1Writer for iPadOS if anyone is interested:


Just watched the video. Very informative and it’s really nice that it’s possible to work with the same vault on the iPad. I just wish it would work with Google Drive.


It can work with Google Drive, you just need to choose “Other” in menu and than load .md file from drive folder.
You will probably not have all files in list like in this video but will need to open on by one and they will be shown in Libray -> From other Apps folder.

Im using like that for my personal NAS. But thinking mayb adding Dropbox :slight_smile:

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Obsidian can work with Nutstore. I can work in iPad by its’ markdown and sync.


I’d like to suggest MWeb for MacOS and iOS. It’s what I was using for folders of markdown notes before Obsidian (in fact I just pointed Obsidian at the same folder so I can use either now), and will remain my go to on iOS until there is an Obsidian mobile app.

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