How do I use the list to output the header value of the Front Matter plugin so that it is displayed without the initial header. And how to update already created links to a note with the title value if the title value has changed

What I’m trying to do

let’s say we have a note with the title 1, we assign it the title 2 through the title. We need to display the name 2 in a list so that you can click on the link to this note.

  • I do this in order to insert a book emoji, because my notes overlap with the titles of the books. By changing the initial name to any one, even 843osdhg, I can leave it signed via title.
  • And I want to automate links that are not being updated. Maybe I don’t notice something in the settings of the front matter title plugin.

Things I have tried

LIST title
FROM #📘 AND #📌