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I don’t know coding at all, and i just used Obsidian for college notes because it looked nice and had a sense of order i liked, but now it’s gone. I had a few plugings and all who helped me keep everything organized and colorized the way I liked it, but with the new version it just doesn’t look the same anymore, and it’s not just the fonts, everything looks weird :frowning:

I liked to have the same “page” with the reading option and the editing option open at the same time and now the editing mode kinda looks the same as the reading and i don’t like that (i liked to see the ** and _ and == but these are completely gone now)…

I didn’t check all of the settings before, and just now I realized I had the auto-update thing on, and to be honest with everybody, I hate the way it looks now, because i was used to taking notes in specific ways and, for example, the admonitions looking a certain way in editing mode or the Highlightr plugin not overlaping (which now does on older notes, and I can’t even highlight anything now no matter how much I try) and it’s really making me cry! (I’m on the spectrum so I am very obssesed about the overall aparience of my notes) I really really don’t like it like this, so, is there anyway to use an older version?? Please help me out. I don’t mean to be rude or anything but it just doesn’t feel good at all, ik it’s my fault for keeping the auto-update thingy on, but please help… (also i’m sorry if there’s any typo or the wording is off, i’m not a native speaker)…

Is there any way to go back?? In simple steps? As I said, i know almost nothing of technology let alone coding :sob:


Hi Almendra,
A quick partial fix until you get your question answered:

  • Use the command “toggle live preview/source mode” to change the “editing view” back to showing the source. (Alternate way to do this, if you have a pencil icon on the right side of your status bar, click it and change to “Source Mode”.)
  • Go to Settings → Community Plugins → Check for Updates button and make sure your plugins are up to date. Close and re-open Obsidian after updating.
  • As you have probably seen already on the forum, you can change the font back in Settings → Appearance. The old one was called “Inter”.

Obsidian now has built-in support for callouts so you might be able to use those instead of admonitions if those are giving you trouble. Or maybe your admonitions will still work fine, idk!

I don’t know about fixing the highlights, sorry.
Good luck!


As already mentioned, the new default editor mode is Live Preview, which removes Markdown syntax when not on that line.
You can just switch the default to source mode in Settings > Editor to have the old behavior.

The Higlightr plugin not working can be attributed to internal changes that broke it, there might already be an update.


Is there a way to restore previous versions obsidian?

I’ve recently updated to 0.15.6 for installer version, and I’ve been having issues with other plug-ins.

Highlightr does work using command palette. Just not with right click until it’s updated.

Hi, I had the same problem and was able to restore the previous version I wanted. first of all, you must uninstall the program with a program called revo unistaller, which uninstalls all program records, except your notes, nothing will happen to them. then you look for the previous version you want at Obsidian 0.15.9 Download for Windows / Old Versions / where they have several versions, when installing it you must disconnect the internet and block the installer with the windows firewall, Once you have the program, you just have to look for your folder with the saved notes and it will be assembled as if nothing was there, you just disconnect the automatic update and everything is ready.

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If you have already installed Obsidian 1.0.0, you can follow the these steps to downgrade obsidian:

  1. uninstall obsidian (As for as I know, this will not affect any of your note)
  2. find the following folder:
  1. KEY: delete all *.asar files in this folder. (they are probably installers? not sure)
E.g. obsidian-1.0.0.asar
  1. delete the updater in the following folder:
  1. download the beta version you want from Github and install it.
    Link: Releases · obsidianmd/obsidian-releases · GitHub

  2. make sure you turn off auto update


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