How do I sync from my Mac to iOS

I already signed up for Obisidian sync feature. I logged in into the account on my Obisidian app on Mac OS. I downloaded the Obisidian app from iOS.

I also already enabled a remote vault and connected to it (from my MacOS)

When I launch the app from iOS, there are only 2 options:

  • How to setup sync
  • Create new vault

I clicked “Create new vault” and then go to settings, there is no option to sync.

In fact, there is no option to sync anywhere in the app.

Please advise.

In the new vault, go to Settings > Core Plugins and enable Sync. Then tap the gear next to the toggle to visit the Sync options where you can connect to the remote vault (once enabled, you’ll also see the Sync settings link under the Plugin Options heading in Settings).

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Thank you! It worked!

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