How do I stop Obsidian from automatically renaming my properties?

Before the property features, I used frontmatter with things like ‘Alias’, ‘Tags’. I know it’s bad practice but I just like to capitalize the first letter.

Now with property, the properties in my new notes are being automatically renamed as ‘aliases’ and ‘tags’ while my old notes some still have the original ‘Alias’, ‘Tags’ properties while others seem to somehow have been automatically renamed to ‘aliases’ and ‘tags’. Those with multiple values (e.g., Tags: A, B, C) have now become


  • A
  • B
  • C

How do I keep Osidian from changing it to the new format?

If you use the Properties UI at all in a note, the Properties will be reformatted into a multi-line array. The defaults are here: Properties - Obsidian Help

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