How do I show the answers?

I am migrating from Amplenote, or at least trying to.

One thing I do is a daily journal. I answer the same questions every morning and every evening.

Each question is its own page in Amplenote so when I look at the backlinks I can see all the previous answers to my questions.

I’m trying to get Obsidian to do the same thing. When I click on the page for each question, e.g. “Where am I?”, I want to be able to see the answer to that question for each of my daily journals in the search results. Now, all I’m seeing is the question link to each daily journal.

Here’s a couple of screenshots to show what I’m after.

I installed dataview plugin, but don’t really know how to make it work.


Dataview works with metadata, not with the full content.
Work with dataview requires a long learning curve (mainly to people without code knowledge). But the main start point to be considered is not so much the code per se but what kind of data we work with.
This to say: we can’t install the plugin and wait it can fit our notes structure; we need to build the (data) structure in the way it can fit in the plugin.

You can explore some things in the plugin docs, understanding the difference between the implicit fields (implicit metadata as file name, file link, creation date, etc) and custom fields (custom metadata, created in yaml frontmatter or in the content).

Taking your case, I can give you one (of many) ways to do that. For the case I use the “lists” (bullet point lists) because it’s one of the data (as tasks) that has a relation with the header/section.

So, here’s the example:


(arbitrary content)

## Where am I?
- Vicenza city
	- Basilica
	- Campo Marzio
	- Villa Rotonda

## other things
Today I visited Vicenza, a beautiful italian city.


(other things in my note)

## Where am I?
- Venezia
	- Piazza San Marco
	- Basilica
	- Gelateria il Doge
- Lido

## Restaurants
- Le chien qui rit


Now the dataview query in the note «Where am I»

TABLE Lists.text AS City, Lists.children.text AS Places
FROM "my-folder-path"
WHERE file.lists
FLATTEN file.lists AS Lists
WHERE meta(Lists.section).subpath = "Where am I"
WHERE !Lists.parent

You need to replace FROM "my-folder-path" adding your own folder path (where you place your daily notes) and, you can also replace WHERE meta(Lists.section).subpath = "Where am I" by WHERE meta(Lists.section).subpath = (if you want a generic query pointing to the own file title instead of write the specific header/section.


Since u r using list and sublist, this thread might be useful for u. Obsidian can also behave like an outliner with the right settings. If u use the query control plugin, u can auto expand the context, showing the sublist (answers in ur case).

If you put the answer on the same line as the link to the question, it will appear in the backlink preview.

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