How do I show all of my todos in a page?

I can list all todos

##### all tasks
1. a bonus would be to see list of todo with - [?]
what is wrong with my code? i took this from eleonor konig. but i do not know js.there are errors. please fix it.

2. I also want to have pictures instead of - [?], i do not know where to put Css to fix this.
i am using minimal and style plugins suggested by minimal. but i cannot see a way to style the todos.

thank you.

//get all md files in vault
const files - app.vault.getMarkdownFiles()

//create an array with the filename and lines that include the
desired tag
let arr - =› {
	const content - await app.vault.cachedRead(file)
//turn all the content into an array
let lines - await content.split ("\n").filter(line =› line.includes("-
return ["[["".")[0]+"]]", lines]

//resolve the promises and build the table
Promise.all(arr).then(values => [
//filter out files without "ad-question" and the note with the
dataview script
  const exists - values.filter(value -› value[1][0] && value[0] :-
" [[dataviewjs-testing]]")
dv.table(["file", "lines"], exists)


make this pretty

- [ ]	to-do
- [/]	incomplete
- [x]	done
- [-]	canceled
- [>]	forwarded
- [<]	scheduling
- [?]	question
- [!]	important
- [*]	star
- ["]	quote
- [l]	location
- [b]	bookmark
- [i]	information
- [S]	savings
- [I]	idea
- [p]	pros
- [c]	cons
- [f]	fire
- [k]	key
- [w]	win
- [u]	up
- [d]	down

Thank you.

In case you may have a typo, here is a link to the code:

I remember when I used this code, originally I was getting problems because I had interpreted the text incorrectly when copying it from the paused Youtube video. Hopefully this helps some. Good luck!

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lol. I think I will post a link in the same youtube video.

Thank you.

Any idea about how to make the checkboxes pretty? The same video says minimal plugin. And minimal says style plugin. Instlaled both and nothing.

But the picture in video says Sanctum. How did you do it?