How do I show a list of notes that are linked to a note that hasn't been created yet?

Sometimes I do linked mentions to notes that haven’t been created yet, because I already know what that note is about or I haven’t incubated that note enough to warrant its own note page yet. However, I turned on the “linked notes” plugin, and that is the actual feature I want to use, without having to create a page for the note to use it.

My real purpose for using these (haven’t been made yet) note links is because I just want to link notes that have similar ideas, and preview what they link to, while keeping my folders and files view clean.

In short:

What I want to do: See linked notes for notes that haven’t been created yet.

How I want to do it: Without having to create a new note, be able to see what that “potential note’s” linked notes list are

Why I want to do it: Keep my vault minimalistic and clean. The purpose of my PKM is more for linking ideas rather than create notes for every single idea and linking absolutely each and every one of them. I DON’T want to create a note just to see that list because I would like to avoid clutter.

One thing I’m thinking might work is the “search function” but I would like something that’s as simple as hovering over the note link and seeing the list.

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Try and see if it scratches your itch.

The itch has been scratched.

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