How do I retrieve and paste what is written after a particular heading?

I use obsidian to keep a daily diary. At the end of the diary, I make a heading ## What I saw and put a page link below it to the file where I wrote my impressions of the movies and dramas I saw that day.

I asked ChatGPT if I could use the templater code to put all the page links under the ## What I saw heading in this week’s diary file together during the weekly review,

Invalid reference date format, try specifying one with the argument ‘reference_format’

I get an error message saying “I’m not sure how to do this” and asking ChatGPT does not resolve the error. Here is the code. How can I get it to work?

// Get the date range for the week
let today ="YYYY-MM-DD");
let startOfWeek =, 0, "YYYY-MM-DD");
let endOfWeek =, 6, "YYYY-MM-DD");

// Get a list of daily note files within a date range
let dailyNotes = tp.file.folder_files("/").filter(f => {
  let fileName =;
  return fileName.match(/^\d{4}\/\d{2}\/\d{4}-\d{2}-\d{2}$/) && fileName >= startOfWeek && fileName <= endOfWeek;

// Get page links from each Daily Notebook file to the page after the heading ## Seen
let pageLinks = [];
for (let note of dailyNotes) {
  let noteContent = tp.file.include(note);
  let match = noteContent.match(/## What I saw\n((?:- \[\[.+?\]\]\n)+)/);
  if (match) {

// Inserts the retrieved page link at the current cursor position
<% tp.file.cursor() %>
<% pageLinks.join("\n") %>

The diary files are stored as a folder hierarchy. The date format of the daily notebook is YYYY/MM/YYYY-MM-DD. As an example, today’s diary file is stored in the 2023 folder as folder 09 and in the 09 folder as The resulting file is diary/2023/09/

I am doing a deepL translation, so please forgive me if the text is uncomfortable!
Thank you for reading!

You might find something useful in this script:

Summarise text under headings with Dataview

There’s a demo vault linked on that page which you can download and play around with. It might help you figure out how to achieve what you want.


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