How do i remove content on phone that i don't want to sync?

posted a problem with destroying my vault a few days ago. managed to save the files thanks to obsidian git plugin. was able to roll back to a previous commit. thankfully.

so the original problem remains. i’m only selectively syncing a few top-level folders of my vault to my phone. obsidian starts syncing before i am able to get the excluded folders listed. so now i have a number of random notes and images in those excluded folders. i would love to make them go away on the phone but not remove them from copies of all my vaults. any idea on how to go about making that happen?

i’m not overly concerned with file space, mostly just want them to go away since i’m not syncing them. it is an aesthetic minimal kind of thing. plus, of course, i just want to know how to make it happen on a fundamental level after accidentally almost destroying my vault because of this problem.

thanks everyone!

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