How do I prevent Obsidian from showing tags in the tag pane that aren't actually tags?

I’m using Multimarkdown to make citations in my notes. The format for citations is [locator][citation key preceded by a hashtag]. You get citations such as [p. 32][#foo-2022-fakebook] or [][#var-2011-anotherfaker]. This format is problematic because the citekeys show up in the tags list. For example:

Here, the third item is a citekey.

It’s impossible to change the character used for the citations. Also, there aren’t any options on this in Obsidian. So, my next option is to ask for help. What could I do?

By the way, in the issue I linked to, I mention talking to the creator of the Tag Wrangler plugin. Don’t mind that. I later realized that this has to do with Obsidian, not that plugin.

Workaround: Add -[# at the beginning of a search query.

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