How do I install the LYT Kit created by Nick Milo?

Hello, Can someone give me instructions on how/where to install the LYT Kit which Nick Milo create? Thanks a ton in advance for your help!


After you download the zip file, unzip it. It’s a folder.
Then go to Obsidian in the lower-left and click on the “Open another vault” icon.
Choose “Open a folder as vault” and just find the LYT Kit folder you unzipped.


Hi Nick. Thank you so much for your help (and so fast, unbelievable). I hope you don’t get tired of hearing it, but you are awesome! providing a ton of value in such a super inviting and friendly manner. I wish all good things for you. On another topic, is there a way to ensure I am able to be part of the next workshop you put on? When will it begin?


Hey, sorry to go from lightning fast response to sloth-like slow response. The next workshop will start around the end of January. I haven’t started talking about it yet, but if you have subscribed to my newsletter (or watch some of the youtube vids), you definitely won’t miss the announcements coming in a few weeks. Feel free to DM as well. Best to you!

I go to Obsidian in the lower-left, looking for “Open another vault” icon.

It is not there.

In fact, all that is there in the entire column is “folder”, which I think I created a week ago following instructions in a YouTube beginner’s tutorial.

Please advise.

Wes K
Madison, IN

hi @piratemacfan there is an option bar on the left side. Starting from bottom to top you will see the settings icon, help icon and vault icon saying Open another vault

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