How do I get the Obsidian Dictionary Plugin to work? (My 2nd day of ever using Obsidian!)

What I’m trying to do

I live in Australia, and would like an Australian dictionary, which doesn’t seem available, so I found a dictionary that supports UK spelling: Obsidian Dictionary Plugin by phibr0/obsidian-dictionary

Things I have tried

I have installed the plugin and have switched it on, set it to UK spelling, but it still seems to be on US spelling - “Colour” still has a red line under it when I type it a note. The instructions say
Open the Command Palette (default: ctrl + p ), search for Open Dictionary View and run the command. You will see that a new View appears in the right Sidebar of Obsidian. You can set your default Language in Obsidian’s Settings under Plugin Options > Obsidian Dictionary > Default Language .

How do I “run the command”? What do I need to do to get UK as my default spellcheck language? Is this the right program to do this?

Please see link to screenshots below. Thanks!

To run the command, select it from the list. It sounds to me like you may be looking for a spellchecker, not a dictionary. It’s my impression that this plugin will give you the definition/pronunciation/synonyms/etc of words you select, not put a squiggly red line under words that are mis-spelled.

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Use core Settings > Editor > Spellcheck: Australian English.

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Thanks for the reply. You are correct - what I really want is a spellchecker, but I can’t see one in “Community plugins”.

BTW, how do I find the command for the dictionary plugin? Where is the list?

In Obsidian on a PC, press CTRL & P to bring up the list of available commands, start typing “Open Dictionary View” which will start filtering the commands and when you see “Open Dictionary View” appear, click on it to run it. Yes, I was also just commenting that a different spellcheck is needed. I only see two options in the community; one for Finnish, and another that links into a paid service.

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Thanks for explaining how to run the commands. I’ve now done that.

It looks like I’ll the best option for a spell checker for me is when I see a red squiggly line under a word that is spelt correctly in Australian, is to right-click on it and click on “Add to dictionary”.

Thanks again for being so helpful. I was using Evernote, but a few days ago they changed their free plan to make is unusable for people like me. Obsidian has been great so far !

Thanks at lot! That’s great.

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Keep in mind that this will only add the word to the ‘dictionary’ on that device. The dictionary lives outside of the Obsidian vault, so it is not automatically sync’d between devices. :frowning:

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