How do I get my priority email support?

Things I have tried

I’ve browsed through the site and help documentation. I’ve looked on my account page and in the app. Everything points at either this forum or Discord, but my Obsidian Sync subscription is supposed to include “priority email support”. I can’t find so much as a general contact form!

The email address for that is [email protected]


Thanks! That should probably be listed, like, anywhere. At least for paying customers.

As fair warning to people considering a paid Obsidian service: the “priority email support” offered has a multiple-day response time.

We will get back to you as soon as we can, typically within 3 business days.

Please note that we only respond to inquiries about commercial licenses, your account, payment, and add-on services (Obsidian Syncand Obsidian Publish).

I was surprised, considering this is among the more expensive notetaking apps I’ve bought into.


This is mainly due to the team behind Obsidian being tiny(as in two people, two cats and a baby).


There are a few more people helping with support, but I don’t know how many.
There is no full time support personnel, all of them have separate responsibilities AFAIK.

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idk, I can think of another, not inexpensive, app where the response is usually within 24 hours.
But that response is typically, “we’ll pass that on to the developers” with no timeframe and frequently no visible further response; only one level of support and priority = within 24 hours.

Most Obsidian problems that don’t involve money are dealt with fast and well outside of the email support. And sometimes from the developers themselves where it’s useful.


It’s a popular app and is monetized. Maybe they should hire some staff!

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