How do I get content from websites into my notes?

I’ve just discovered Quotebacks via @mediapathic’s post above, and i love the concept and the execution of it.

So, excited to see @mediapathic exploring with you tight integration into Obsidian, that would be awesome.

That said, two feedback items from my initial playing around with it, one small (maybe fixable in the short term), the other larger (maybe will be pre-empted by the prospective integration):

  1. A slight formatting change to the copied markdown from a captured quoteback: when i paste the copied markdown into obsidian, only the quote itself gets quote-blocked, the source gets left outside the formatted quote, like this:

    Quotebacks is a tool that makes it easy to grab snippets of text from around the web and convert them into embeddable blockquote web components.

    Source: Quotebacks by Tom Critchlow and Toby Shorin

    Maybe that’s by design, but i would def prefer to include the source inside the block, more like this:

    Quotebacks is a tool that makes it easy to grab snippets of text from around the web and convert them into embeddable blockquote web components.

    Source: Quotebacks by Tom Critchlow and Toby Shorin

    …otherwise the source renders ‘apart’ from the quote more strongly than I’d like. But I recognize this may not be standard practice.

  2. For me, the ideal would be to have option to configure Quoteback browser extension so that quotebacks get stored not only to browser local storage, but also as an md file in a configurable folder (e.g., I’d config this to be my Obsidian vault), and leave in the clipboard the wiki-link name of the quoteback note so that I could then just paste into my current working note.

I realize that #2 may require Obsidian to expose some kind of custom url scheme to address insulation of browser from file system. But wanted to share the feedback/desire anyway.

Roam-highlighter works on Firefox as well. You just have to download the .xpi file and install it. (

Here’s a rudimentary Alfred workflow that uses FuckYeahMardown to convert the frontmost Safari tab and copy it to the clipboard.

URL to (2.2 KB)

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Is there a tool / extension / plugin to capture a screenshot from a selected region in a website and add the window title and URL to the clipboard?

Gyazo does something like this but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the URL / title data out of the uploaded screenshot page.

Which operating system are you on? I could help you with some nifty automation on macOS.


FYI, Roam Highlighter also works on Firefox.

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I’m a big fan of the ‘Quoteback’ extension. It takes a very nice clip into it’s own library on your browser. It’s searchable and will export those selections as Markdown, Image, etc.

Hi @macedotavares

I’m on macOS and use Safari.

Would be very interested in your workflow and automation ideas on this topic.


I’ll be glad to help.

I currently use a couple of Alfred workflows to get content and URLs from Safari into Obsidian.

What exactly would you like to accomplish?
Do you use Alfred? Keyboard Maestro?


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I have Alfred and Keyboard Maestro.

I currently use the web clipper in to capture a web page with images or the parts of a Web page that I select. This does an excellent job and is literally 1 click and it’s in bear.

I’m looking for something similar for Obsidian.

In the interim would love to try out your workflows if you don’t mind sharing.


I’ll be glad to share my “Obsidian workflow” for Alfred. It’s mostly a collection of dynamic snippets and quick-entry methods.

However, there’s a lot of private stuff I need to clean up and some variables I have to set up for customisation before sharing, so it’ll take a few days.

In the meantime, have you seen my previous reply? It’s very rudimentary, but it may be a good start for a full-blown workflow.


Thanks. I hadn’t seen it but now downloaded and will give it a try

Hi, @PaulWatts

As promised, here’s my Obsidian Utilities Alfred workflow.

This one focuses primarily on my efficiency needs.

If you use Dropbox, you may also be interested in Glass Dome, which is more about future-proofing and archiving of files, images and websites.


Thanks @macedotavares … Much appreciated

You can now!

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How? Can you share?

For this interested: MarkDownload is now also being developed for Safari. You can already build it if you know how to load it up in Xcode. Works fine here!


Joplin have an excellent web clipper. Has anyone had a look at the possibility of tweaking this for Obsidian? Wish I had the skills to do it.

I’m finding Google Keep to be the best solution for getting texts out of web pages.

MarkDownload is great and I find its configuration options making it one of the best clipper tools out there.

I still can’t figure out all the meta tags that are accepted, though, so any help with that would be awesome. Aside from that, awesome little tool.