How do I find starred files now?

What I’m trying to do

I used stars to find files I currently work on and that I referenced often. Now Obsidian tells me that the plugin that created the starred view no longer exists. How can I find the starred files? I find no reference to changes in either the help files (which direct me to bookmarks, yet no bookmarks exist in my Obsidian vault) or the forum.

Any help is appreciated - obviously something has disappeared, and I reckon I am not the only one grappling with this issus. Thus I am grateful for any solutions which others have come up with!

Starred files are now under Bookmarks.

Many thanks for your help! I hoped that there were a way to track which files had been starred, but that’s obviously not the case.

Your previously Starred notes should have been automatically transferred to Bookmarks when you updated.

If you look in Bookmarks, it’s usually a tab next to Files and Search, is there nothing there? If you don’t see the tab, you could try turning off then on the core Bookmarks plugin in Settings > Options > Core plugins. There’s also a command: Bookmarks: show bookmarks if the tab is missing in action.

If you haven’t bookmarked anything since the change, then all of your bookmarks were starred files.

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