How do I export an entire Vault to a Single File?

I do not care the format of output (text, docx, pdf, anything readable!

If I click file - export PDF for a vault, it does something but I can find no file.

Unless I can export, I will need to manually copy everything out of Obsidian and delete it at the cost of many hours of work. This functionality was promised when I downloaded it, but I am unable to get it to work. Please help - Thank You.

What I’m trying to do

Things I have tried

Tried numerous community plugins without success. Done lots of searches. This should be easy to use basic functionality.

Where was that promise made?

Maybe you can investigate the Long Form plugin which is related to writing books. It might help compile everything as a single document, but it might require some setup. Otherwise that isn’t what Obsidian is about.

This feature request is relevant: Note Combination

There is also this request, Export Multiple Notes to PDF, but I would argue that being able to combine notes would be more helpful since you could export to pdf after the fact.


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