How do I disable code block highlighting in legacy edit mode on v0.13.14+?

Things I have tried

Since the v0.13.14 update that introduced live preview, the code edit blocks in legacy edit mode are now (poorly) syntax highlighted.

I peeked at the CSS using the dev tools, and it looks like the editor is attempting to syntax-highlight blocks in legacy, non-live-preview edit mode. I am writing in TypeScript. I assume this has something to do with Obsidian’s use of the HyperMD WYSIWYG Markdown editor under the hood.

I thought about overwriting the CSS theme somehow but I’m not sure that’s the rabbit hole I should go down. I looked through the appearance settings but did not find anything that helped.

What I’m trying to do

I want plain, non-fancy code blocks in edit mode, and fancy, syntax-highlighted code blocks in reading mode, regardless of the language I specify after the triple backticks.

Before the v0.13.14 update the text in code blocks in edit mode on the default theme were just all red. That’s what I want.

Any guidance on where to start is greatly appreciated.

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