How do I count the number of data items and display inline?

I have this in a daily note:

Tickets: 37992822, 37991844, 38000617

What I’m trying to do

I want to show the number of tickets inline on the same page and also on a tickets page with column headers “Date” and No. of Tickets"

length(Tickets) should hopefully do the count for you.

length(Tickets) AS "No. of Tickets"
FROM "folderWithTheDailyNotes"

Things to consider: what does your Tickets field look like on days with 0 tickets? If it doesn’t exist at all you’ll have to change the query to check for that - Dataview won’t want to find the length of something that doesn’t exist!
If you get numbers that don’t make sense, try wrapping your Tickets field in [ ] to make sure YAML/dataview knows it is a list. e.g. Tickets: [822, 844, 617]
You can always add a column to your table to display the Tickets field itself for help investigating something odd!
Good luck!