How do I control what note Obsidian goes to after deleting a note?

What I’m trying to do

I am trying to figure out how to control or understand what note Obsidian goes to after I delete a note using the hotkey. It seems a bit random. I want it to go to the next (or previous) note in the folder. Actually even when I move a note , I would like it to go to next note in the folder I moved it from, if that is possible. I am trying to organize the notes imported from Evernote, so if I can understand this, I could do it a lot faster.

Things I have tried

Checked the Obsidian help, but it doesn’t seem to mention this.

Regardless of how Obsidian does it, you can write your own quick shortcut with Templater or QuickAdd and tell Obsidian exactly which file you want to go to next after deleting

It might be worth doing if you’ve got a lot of files to process.

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There is no such thing built in.
You need a workaround. QuickExplorer has a Go to Next/Previous File command but you need to use it before you delete. And the built-in Files: Reveal Current File in Navigation is probably a better bet. Although mousing around in the Files pane when one has a lot of files is not ideal.

If it’s a big job, it would be worthwhile to have a script written, as Alan suggested. But don’t waste your time with a cheaper or free chat robot.

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I had a feeling this was the way. In the meantime, 90% of my old Evernotes are useless now, so there was a lot I could just go into the system File Explorer and delete.

I don’t know about the hotkey, but if you delete a note via the note menu (the 3 dots at upper right), it takes you to the last note that was open in the tab.

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