How do I consolidate scattered tiny embedded images (from Importer) into attachments folder?

What I’m trying to do & Things I have tried/thought of

I have started importing all my Evernote notes using the semi-official Importer plugin. I would have preferred that the images had gone into specified by “Default Location for New Attachments” instead of subfolders scattered throughout the vault. I used to use the “In subfolder under current folder” setting but then I became more comfortable with leaving them in one folder since I can move notes among folders more easily without breaking the embeds. I think this would especially be true for organizing the newly imported Ever-notes.

Does anyone have any tricks for cleaning these up so that the images for these are in my Attachments folder? I thought I could write a simple script to move them all and delete the empty folders, but that will break the embeds if I do it outside of Obsidian. Unless I parse through all the embeds, which I am resisting. The names are not even unique because they are in there own subfolders so I have multiples of unknown_filename.jpeg and unknown_filename.png.

Thinking about this more, perhaps the reason the Importer scatters these files is imposed by the format of the .enex file, so that would make sense, but I am looking to clean it up a little on the other side.

The vast majority of my Evernote notes are old fleeting notes I can get rid of, and it turns out the organization of the image folders is very good for getting rid of stuff, since the image folder name is the same as the note name. So that may be the solution for me personally, it may be easier to just go through them and get rid of the junk.

I had forgotten I could Alt-Click in the Explorer sidebar to select multiple files (because the usual is Ctrl-Click in Windows and I kept trying that.) :slight_smile:

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