How do I change my credit card?

Things I have tried

Logged into my account
Looked at invoices
I’ve changed my payment methods for my add-ons but there isn’t a change button for the main account?

What I’m trying to do

Change card after a bounce on an expired one

Can you say what you mean by “main account”? You changed your method for the add-ons. What other payment is there? That might be all you have to change.

If you want to pay for Catalyst, VIP, or Unlimited, I think it asks your payment details each time. It isn’t a subscription. (As far as I know. I might be mistaken.)

If you have a business license and can’t change the method, you can email [email protected]

Ah right, Catalyst is forever?

Yep! It’s just a one-time payment, and optional. (from the EULA Overview - Obsidian)

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