How do I call syntax ouput to another syntax?

Is it possible to call the output of a syntax to another syntax? I want to automate my journals so that the title automatically sets to the date I set up (daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly)

I tried using the syntax posted in the documentation but for some reason it doesn’t work

<% await tp.file.move(“/A/B/NewTitle”) %>

This is my syntax

Year Created: <%“YYYY”) %>
<% await tp.file.move(“/400 Timestamps/Yearly” +tp.file.title) %>
<% await tp.file.rename(“???”) %>

so you want to define a variable as date and then rename the note and more it to a certain place?

let date ="YYYY");
await tp.file.move("/400/year/" + date);

should do the trick, you don’t need to rename when you move.
btw: it seems to me that there is a problem with tp.file.title if you rename the note as it will not get the new name.

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