How deep are your MOC and backlinks?

What I’m trying to do

I’m starting to structure my notes w/ MOCs and my first instinct was to create a kind of master outline that shows all the possible linked pages. But that is very tedious to create and to upkeep. Then I thought, maybe it’s overkill to list every sub-section on the MOC and maybe it’s better to require myself to click into the page levels.


Topic - MOC (This is a MOC page with a master outline)

  • Topic
    • Sub Topic
      • Sub-sub Topic
        • Sub-sub-sub Topic

The above is handy in that I can see on one page all the available pages and I can fold them up if I dont want to see them, but it creates a lot of friction to create and to be sure everything is always updated. Do I really need to see Sub-sub Topic when I can click on Sub Topic to see it there? And ditto for Sub-sub-sub Topic, when I can get to it from Sub-sub Topic?

How many levels down is useful vs. overkill?


Topic - MOC (This is a simplified MOC page)

  • Topic
    • Sub Topic (this page would contain the next level or two).

What are the advantages/disadvantages when it comes to the graph for instance. Are the extra links helpful or do they create more noise?

The same question applies to backlinks, do I really need to create the whole breadcrumb back to the beginning, or just the previous page? I mean it’s nice, but takes so much more effort.

E.g. Does a note on the 2020 US Election have to link back to the main Elections MOC, or can it link to [[American Elections]]

Is there a way to automatically create (and automatically update) a master MOC outline or the entire breadcrumb path back?


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