How could I see the number of results from multiple search queries within a single note?

I want to see at a glance how many notes I have that meet specific tags, so I think that what I ask for in the title would help me. Is there a built-in way, a plugin, or a simple workaround to accomplish this?

This is what I envision:

- [Search query 1] [Search query 2]
Number of results: [Number of results of search query 1] [Number of results of search query 2]

In practice, it could look like this:

- tag:#book_genre_productivity tag:#status_read tag:#book_genre_time-management tag:#status_unread
Number of results: 3 5

My current workaround is to make a search, copy the search results, paste them in another note, enable line numbers, take note of the highest number of lines, and insert that number where I want to see it. However, this can be time-consuming.

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