How could I make an e-ink display that syncs/refreshes one Obsidian node that I could paste on my wall?

e.g. if I have list of things I want to do with housemates, would be really useful for a wall to have those things physically/trivially visible on a wall

if anyone’s interested in getting a working config, I’d be happy to chip in to hardware cost.

Step 1. Get an Onyx Boox tablet (runs Android).
Step 2. Plug device into AC power and set display to never sleep.
Step 3. Turn on wifi.
Step 4. Enable Google Play store.
Step 5. Install Obsidian.
Step 6. Open synced vault.
Step 7. Open things-to-do-with-housemates note.
Step 8. Hang tablet on wall.
Step 9. Bask in the glory of your $500+ printout. :grin:

Alternative route: Raspberry Pi running Obsidian + an e-ink monitor (like the Boox Mira).

Bottom line: it’s probably easier and definitely far, far cheaper to just print and hang an updated hardcopy of the note every now and then. Cool idea, though!