How can PARA and Zettelkasten workflow live together?

After completing the BASB Course, my understanding of the “Archive” is to get stuff out of the way of your active work. Conceptually, in Evernote that makes sense since it turns into long lists of folder and notes within. Tiago has used Evernote for many years, and has had to manually move things to the Archive often. The new tools such as Obsidian/Roam/Zettlr/etc completely remove that manual process from information handling.

I guess you could simplify the PARA concept down to just PAR and still get all the benefits from the original implementation.


This conversation is very interesting, I think I can benefit from a mixed system (very new to both and I don’t know what I’m doing). I have to have at least two vaults because I can’t mix my job-y job notes anywhere – no pure Zettelkasten for me ever. But I still want to the benefits of long-term thinking in the job vault while maintaining a structure of what it is that I’m currently working one. From what I gathered here mixing these two approaches could work.

Now I’m not sure if I’d do the same on my “personal”/everything-else vault, it isn’t as deadline oriented as the work one.