How can I style uncreated links in edit mode?

Uncreated links show up dimmed in preview mode, but what if I want the same styling in edit mode? Can I target them with a CSS snippet?

Also, in general, how do you figure out how to target something with CSS? Given that there’s no access to an inspector in Obsidian

Inspector in Obsidian:

View > Toggle Developer Tools

(Obsidian is an electron app)

I didn’t know dev tools were intended to be accessible. However, I am on Linux and I do not have this magical View button at the top of my window.

However, I removed any ctrl-shift-I hotkeys and then was able to open devtools that way.


Alright, I used the inspector, and I see that unresolved links in preview have the classes class="internal-link is-unresolved"

However, in edit mode the link has class="cm-hmd-internal-link"

It doesn’t seem like CSS can distinguish between resolved and unresolved links in edit mode :confused:

Damn, that’s a shame. It’d be great if it could! Because sometimes I can’t tell if I’ve linked to something properly or not without going into preview-mode and checking

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Welcome to the forum! Unfortunately seems like it might have to be a feature request

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