How can I pay a one off?

I work for a government agency, a non-profit medical organisation. Technically, we come under the free service aspect of your payment plans.


Obsidian has saved me so much time and effort

I started using Obsidian to map a database, which showed me all of the fields that could be normalised out of the terrible system I was looking at.

It has helped me map other databases and store all of my code and thoughts in such a way that it is actually (and that’s a first!) organised!

I feel guilty that my organisation does not owe you a penny.

Add a donation link to the help menu

I would like to be able to either donate or at least pay a one off payment to your company for the work that you’ve done. Personally I believe it is priceless.

Current workaround (optional)

I could do one payment or two, but then that registers me as a business and I can’t afford to pay the Organisation’s bills for it.

For starters, there’s the Catalyst license where you can support the team, get early access versions (betas), and a few other things. I believe you can give more even if you’re a VIP already, but need to double check on that.

I’m going to move this to help for now.

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That’s brilliant. I didn’t honestly realise.

Thanks for your help, @ariehen .