How can I navigate the file explorer in Obsidian using the arrow keys?

Things I have tried

I have searching the help docs, the forums, and the various Hotkey core and community plug-ins.

@ahawkua asked the same question and didn’t get a response.

What I’m trying to do

Navigate up or down in my file explorer.

Probably a dumb question but I appreciate the help.


Sorry, I don’t think there is currently a way. I know there are a few open feature request threads asking for keyboard navigation in the sidebar, in modals, and other areas of the UI.

I found these, but I think there are more as well.

Similar accessibility request:


+1. Really would love to have a way to use any keys that can be customized in Hotkeys to go from folder to folder or switch view from file explorer in the side bar. My hassled fingers will truly thank the developers!

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