How can I manage table relationships in Obsidian for creating a Game Design Document?

What I’m trying to do

Hello everyone,

I’m currently in the process of creating a Game Design Document (GDD) in Obsidian, and I’m looking for a way to effectively manage table relationships. In my GDD, I have macrocategories and subcategories that I’d like to organize as columns in a relational database.

In my first database (Database A), I have a “Macrocategories” column with options such as “Characters,” “Items,” and “Levels.” I’d like to create a second database (Database B) with columns for each of these macrocategories and automatically populate them with corresponding subcategories from Database A.

Things I have tried

I’ve explored using the Dataview plugin, but I’m seeking a more automated method for handling these table relationships.
I tried looking for the answer on pages and pages of Google connected to the DBfolder and Dataview plugins, I even looked for the answer by querying ChatGPT but nothing.
Does anyone have suggestions or know of a plugin that might help me achieve this goal?

Thank you in advance for any assistance or advice!

Any sample data or file structures?
Also I think maybe you can try other more database-oriented app first, like Notion.

I really liked obsidian for the way it is built and can manage links between pages, it would be a shame to leave it for Notion

“Projects” plugin can handle populating tables/Kanban/gallery views via Dataview queries.

I don’t know if that suits what you are aiming for, but worth investigating if you haven’t yet.

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