How can I insert the special notes when the week changes?

Hi, I have installed Daily Notes and Calendar plugins.

I’d like to insert the Special Weekly Note with embed syntax created by Calendar into the daily note automatically.

For the example.

When I open vault, the is created automatically with the content:
![[the specail Weekly Note]]

BTW, when the date changes, the spcial weekly note will change too.

Thanks in advance.

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Daily (Weekly, etc.) notes aren’t created automatically when you open your vault. I think there’s a way to make it happen by using other plugins.

The template code for the weekly note depends on the format you use for their names. I think for the default it’s [[{{date: GGGG-[W]WW}}]].

Also, the Weekly Notes feature is going to be removed from Calendar. It’s moving to Periodic Notes, as explained in Calendar’s description:

The weekly note functionality has been split out into its very own plugin. In the future, the functionality will be removed from the Calendar plugin; so if you’re currently using weekly notes, I encourage you to make the switch. Don’t worry, the behavior is functionally identical and will still integrate with the calendar view!

This split was inspired by the One Thing Well philosophy. Plugins should be as modular. Some users might want weekly notes and have no use for a calendar view. And vice versa.

If you are currently using weekly notes within the Calendar plugin, the new Periodic Notes plugin will migrate your settings for you automatically.

Once you’ve moved to Periodic Notes, you can create or visit the current weekly note by right-clicking the Periodic Notes icon in the bar on the left edge of the window and selecting “Open this week”. Or open the Command Palette and select “Periodic Notes: Open weekly note”.


I change my daily template each Sunday to update the week number in the name of my weekly note. It’s part of my weekly review process.


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