How can I have text from one note displayed in another IN MARKDOWN so that it can be recognised by plugins

I am using the spaced repetition plugin to create flashcards, and im 99% sure that there is no option within spaced repetition to shuffle flashcards from multiple decks at once. I need to use multiple or all decks at the same time - the only way this is supported is if I put all of my flashcards into one note under one category which I don’t want to do as I still want clear categories but also an option to shuffle them all.

I think if I somehow have the text copy from my flashcard notes into one note it might work but I don’t want to do this manually as I will have to update it every time I add more flashcards or edit them.

I hope I described my issue well enough, fairly new to obsidian and loving it so far and I could have my whole school workflow in obsidian if i figure out these flashcards. Otherwise i’ll have to put them into anki or something and i prefer having everything in one place (obsidian :smile: )

If you decide to move away from the “everything in one place” method, then Mochi Cards could be worth to take a look at as an alternative to Anki.

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Thanks man, I’ll use that :slight_smile:

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