How can I export 'fancy' checklists like in minimal-theme to Word (docx) (e.g. using pandoc)

Hey all,
I’m using minimal-theme which supports custom checklists such as

  • [?], which get turned into small icons in Obsidian.
    Exporting this to PDF works well, but I’m looking for a solution to export the file including those symbols to Word too. I have used pandoc but I’m unsure if it’s possible to use custom filters to replace these sequences with the appropriate icon.

Any help is useful!

The solution to get these custom checklists uses CSS, so in order for something else to include it that something else needs to understand and respect the CSS setup. In other words, you might need to use some html converter to make this survive the transformation into Word. Not sure if such a tool exists, and what it’s called in that case.

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