How can I embed obsidian notes in notion

I use notion database feature a lot but love obsidian’s grpah view. I am thinking since Obsidian has a local url, is there a way for me to embed that into a notion page, so that I can use the database to organise, but also at write down ideas for each item in the databse using obsidian which I can then link to other ideas.

If I recall correctly, embed file in Notion are only web-links.
The only way so far is to have your Obsidian vault in Google Drive and connect Notion to Google Drive for accessing those files. But then you still need to be able to visualize those .md files in Google Drive correctly.


@Finessest has it right. Obsidian URLs are not the same as Internet-based URLs, so there’s no data for Notion to use to present rich embeds.

You could still link to the notes in Notion using Obsidian URLs though.

I’m not as familiar with notion but I was playing with a similar idea in Airtable. You can create a dropbox link for any file on you computer and then put that link in a Text box as a link. Then when you click the link, it navigates to the specific document on your computer or the folder of the document if you prefer. Since every Obsidian note is just a file, I bet you could create a dropbox link and then access any Obsidian note on your computer via a link you put in a text box in Airtable.

If you wanted to open those files directly in Obsidian, check out the Obsidian URL scheme:


Pretty cool. Thanks!!

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I’m very much a noob. Reading the URI scheme at the link you provided, I got confused on something.

The open action can take a vault name or an absolute file path as a parameter. I get how the system knows how to navigate to the right place with a file path but I don’t get how it does it with a vault name. Is there a default file path assumed for every vault name? How would you figure out what that default file path is?

I can think of two possibilities, not sure which is what the devs are doing:

  • Obsidian knows the path to each Vault root folder, so it just uses that; or
  • Since these URL actions open the note in Obsidian, the actual path doesn’t really matter. Each vault is an instance is Obsidian and has some implicit knowledge about its notes, so as long as you can get the vault, you can get the notes by their name.

FWIW, I set up something like this in Coda:

  • Events are created in Google Calendar
  • Obsidian notes for meetings are named 2020-11-25-1000 - Meeting name XYZ
  • Specific meeting note folder in Obsidian vault is synced to Google Drive using the “Shift-Z trick”
  • Google Calendar is synced to Coda to create table of calendar events
  • Google Drive is synced to Coda to create table of files in the Obsidian folder
  • a calendar view in Coda displays all calendar events and an embed to the respective meeting note

Now unfortunately you can’t open the Obsidian custom URL in Coda to directly go to the respective note.

Would be interesting if that’s on the other hand possible with Notion!

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