How can I customize the window with the list of available notes when making a link?

Here’s what I want to do:

  • type [[ to get the link dialog window for a list of notes, as described here: Internal link
  • see a customized window that is the full height of the pane I’m in. i.e. i want it to be very tall. i.e. everything like it is now, only the link dialog window is the full height of the pane I’m in - or the full height of the Obsidian window would be even better. Basically as tall as possible

Reason for this:

  • I’m using Obsidian as a Zettelkasten
  • I’m reading a lot within a narrow scope and I have hundreds of notes that might provide productive links
  • I want to peruse a very long list as I make a note, reminding myself of what I processed recently, especially the last few days
  • the current window feels oppressively short ATM

What I have tried:

  • Right now I open the File Explorer pane, sorted newest==>oldest to see a long list of notes, and then move back to the pane I’m editing to type the name of the note I want to link to. This works, but I would prefer to peruse the same list in a full-height window from the link dialog
  • I only searched the forum hopefully for a CSS snippet. No luck
  • When I first started with Obsidian, I spent a few hours trying to gather some basic CSS skills, but I wouldn’t say anything has stuck with me, except copy/paste and organizing my snippets in Options > Appearance > CSS Snippets. That’s 95% of my skill set ATM when it comes to CSS. I’m really hoping for a kind stranger to save me :smiley:

You can ‘play’ with this CSS:

.suggestion {
  max-height: 300px;

I think that by default the value is 300px

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