How can I create links with another key different from the bracket

The plugin that I managed to see that was closest to creating links without [[]] if not with @ is the one that appears in the screenshot but the problem is that it only allows me to put dates and the links do not appear

i don’t have direct answer to this question, but perhaps an alternative (and also perhaps #plugins idea?).

it’s not currently possible (based on my knowledge on obsidian core feature and quite few plugins as well). but this Templater script by AlanG might be useful for you

if u don’t want a too techie approach, i suggest mapping a hotkey to pop up the bracket [[ ]] (i use Ctrl+L). For mobile, install Advanced Mobile Toolbar which will give u bottom toolbar with one of the button to whip out the bracket on single tap.

You can go to Settings and add any hotkey that you want for ‘Add internal link’:

This is the closest solution, what happens is that I develop new notes in a note where there are already many links, so if I could see when I develop a new note within a lot of links, if I am repeating a previous note.

I don’t know if I open a plugin that allows me to quickly see all the notes I have and that doesn’t repeat any of them, just like a link does, but I lose time when I put the link first, check if there is a note and if there isn’t, remove it again the link. or to be able to delete the link with the text by means of a keyboard shortcut quickly

You could use my code that @efemkay posted above, and modify it to show a list of all links that already exist in the document.

If I’m understanding your post correctly that should have the desired result. (It will still let you insert a non-existing link as text.)

Bro I don’t know about codes. Where can I learn the basics in codes

This is the course which I took and I strongly recommend. Udemy has a special going on about 90% of the time, so you should be able to get the course for $10. If not, wait a day or two:

There’s also this for free, which people like:

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