How can I control bolding in both editing and reading views?

Things I have tried

Searched this forum for over an hour and couldn’t find about CSS selectors (is that the right word?) that would control bold text in the new editing view and reading view.

What I’m trying to do

For bold body text, I’m getting a weight of 600 in editing view and 700 in reading view. I want 700 for both views. My custom snippet file is setting the reading view with this code:

strong, .cm-strong {
color: var(–bold);
font-weight: 700;

But this appears to only affect the new reading view. I read somewhere that the Obsidian default for bold is 600, so I think my snippet is not overriding that.

In a snippet, how can I control bolding (or any other attribute) in:

  1. Edit view only
  2. Reading view only
  3. Both views


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